Anti-ageing and skin tightening

We are now offering anti-ageing and skin tightening treatments.

Facial contouring and enhancements



If you are noticing signs of ageing due to volume loss in your cheeks or want to enhance your facial symmetry, you might be an ideal candidate for cheek fillers. Cheek fillers are injections that raise the volume of the area above and around your cheekbones. This provides the illusion of a more defined bone structure.


By injecting volume under your skin layer, cheek fillers can also smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. By adding volume to the cheek area and contouring the shape of your cheek, you can visibly lift your cheekbones and the lower face while filling out fine lines and wrinkles in the process. However, if a patient is experiencing excessive sagging and "jowls," jawline filler will most likely be recommended too.



Fillers in this area can be used to soften angular jawlines or to enhance a rounded jawline by giving more definition. This treatment uses cannulated fillers for a smooth and even finish, making it undetectable and providing a natural look to the jawline. 



Lip enhancement is one of our most popular treatments. We will ordinarily use a soft filler unless you specify otherwise. Our primary aim with all our treatments is to enhance what you already have. This method is much more suitable for ladies (and men) wanting a naturally plump look! 


Price on application only.
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