Back to basics with skincare

I'm an absolute sucker for skin care products and will try anything new that comes onto the market. I have cupboards full of products that claim to transform your skin (and your life) .... and well... they don't. (sigh!!)

So in my quest to find the best skin care range i decided to go back to basics. Almost every day I have client's asking me what I recommend they use after one of my laser carbon facials and I always tell them to use Aloe Vera. I use a 100% organic Aloe Vera after every facial as it helps sooth and re hydrate the skin very quickly. I also recommend they continue to use Aloe Vera at home for the first couple of days.

I also highly recommend witch hazel for problematic skin. It is best used in its natural form with no additives what so ever.

I decided to hunt for the best Aloe Vera skin care range and to my surprise I found that The Body Shop's range is absolutely fantastic. I never thought about The Body Shop as it was something I used in my teenage years ... (I did the typical thing and experimented with overpriced, ineffective creams, lotions and potions) so here I am again buying from The Body Shop range and i'm thrilled with its natural yet powerful results.

Also as summer is just around the corner Aloe Vera is the perfect product for sunburned and dry skin.

I have been very luck to find a fantastic Body Shop rep in my Area - Samantha Hird ... she is very knowledgeable about all the product ranges and she's definitely the one to hit up if your looking to buy!!

GET IN TOUCH - Samantha Hird - 07455988497 -

Check her on Facebook - Products with Sam

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