• Jaelithe Baxendale

Beauty and Disability Inclusivity: Are We Really Doing Enough?

Accessing Beauty Services as a Disabled Person

According to Scope there are more than fourteen million disabled people in the UK who have a disposable income of £247 billion a year. That is a lot of money businesses are throwing away by not catering to their needs! Disabled people enjoy beauty treatments as much as the next person. As a disabled person with mobility issues, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to use some shops and services. Aisles are too narrow, assistants are too busy to stop and help, and there is often no step-free access. Here at NU-U Laser and Aesthetics, we are trying to change that to make having one of our treatments as stress-free and enjoyable an experience as possible.

How are we Catering for Disabilities?

Being situated in Hebden Bridge, you will probably know how old and inaccessible buildings are here. However, we are doing our best to work around these issues. We provide a ramp to allow access for wheelchairs or people who struggle to climb steps. The door opens onto our reception room which is large and airy with no narrow corridors to navigate. It will comfortably fit a wheelchair user and their carer, if needed, with room to move around. The room can be converted into a treatment room for any of our services, including facials, cryolipolysis, injections and fillers, and many more, with blackout curtains that stop anyone walking past from seeing you having treatments. The door can also be locked and covered, and we will book plenty of time before and after the service so there is no one banging on the door for their appointment, making you feel rushed and flustered. You can lie back and enjoy your treat. Talking of lying back, the treatment beds are fully adjustable, so they can be lowered to allow for easy transfer to and from a wheelchair by yourself or with the help of a carer. The only downside to our building is the toilet. Currently, it is only accessible to people with some mobility in their legs or who can be helped into the bathroom by their carer as it is a tiny, narrow space.

Other Disabilities

Of course, we know that many types of disability don't necessarily include mobility impairment. If you have one of these, such as vision loss, deafness, mental health conditions, or anything else, we will do our best to cater to your needs too. All you have to do is contact our friendly staff and explain what help, changes or accommodations you require, and we will do our best to adapt our services to make you comfortable and happy! 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us on 07813398647 and book an appointment for your

dream treatment today! If you have accessed our services as a disabled person, why not leave

a comment below to let us know how we did and what (apart from the toilet!) we can improve. 

Everyone at NU-U Laser and Aesthetics wishes you a happy, accessible and beauty-filled

start to your summer!

(Our gorgeous writer Jae is one of our clients and part of the NU-U media team)

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