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Client Experience: Omni Hydra Facial

I'm new to the world of facials. Thanks to my mid-thirties I'm also new to the world of adult acne, especially on my neck and cheeks. I decided to try out the Omni Hyrda Facial at NU-U Laser and Aesthetics in Hebden Bridge (prior to lockdown) done by the lovely and talented Ruth in the hopes of calming my recent skin fury. Also, let's not forget what lockdown masks have been doing to all of our faces (on the times I've had to emerge from my house-cave). Plus, with working from home as an editor and with no excuse to leave the house (thanks to online shopping and food delivery), I've also let my skincare routine lax a little (read: a lot). Let's explore my client experience with the Omni Hydra Facial.

What is an Omni Hydra Facial?

A hydra facial uses a medical-grade device to cleanse the skin, extract impurities, rehydrate it, and rejuvenate the face. It clears away dead skin, cleans pores, reduces acne, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing, and a whole host of other benefits.

How much does it cost?

Personally, I always thought facials were these things that only really fancy and wealthy people could afford. I grew up in the States and, often at hundreds of dollars a pop, I was not about to get a facial on my graduate student stipend or, later, my adjunct instructor teaching salary. And, usually, even in the UK, facials are very expensive but with NU-U's mission to make beauty treatments affordable to the many, that means more people can have a facial as a treat – maybe even once a month or more.

In the States, an Omni Hydra Facial treatment often ranges costs $200 (£153) per treatment. In Hebden Bridge, it'll set you back £70-85, depending on what you have done. And who can't save up an extra £80 every once in a while?

Is this treatment customisable?

Yes! That customisable feature accounts for the variance in the price. This facial is a completely customisable experience. So, depending on your age, you'll need different options so the level of acids applied to the face can be reduced or increased, depending on your desired results, skin sensitivity, and all sorts. But Ruth will explain everything to you before you have your treatment.

Your facial can be targeted for your individual needs, acidity level preference, whether you want anti-ageing, firming, tightening, or just a cleansing and hydrating facial and more.

Discuss options with Ruth at your consultation.

So, how does it work and what was it like?

The Omni Hydra-Facial is a multi-step facial. You will experience the following (but can customise each step as you see fit).

  1. Radiofrequency (optional)

  2. Ultrasound cavitation and facial sculpting (optional)

  3. Hot thermal hammering

  4. Facial skin deep cleanse

  5. Alpha-hydroxy lactic acid

  6. BHA (salicylic acid)

  7. Nutrient infusion liquid mist spray

  8. Cold thermal hammering

In the radiofrequency step, which is optional, your facial collagen is heated to 41 degrees Celsius which denatures (destroys the characteristic properties of using heat or acidity) the fibres of collagen, which promotes natural healing (as your face would if you were in your teens and cells regenerated regularly). These fibres align to make the skin's surface look smoother and more even. It reduces surface wrinkles.

For the ultrasound cavitation and facial sculpting step, also optional, the fatty deposit build-up on the face is depleted and fat cells are shattered, removing them from the chosen area. This causes facial toning and makes skin more even. Cavitation is a fancy word for breaking apart fat but what happens is that rapid pressure changes in liquid form vapour-filled cavities where areas of pressure are low, which overall means tightening the area and reducing fat. It's best for cellulite and fine lines and the ultrasonic energy bursts the fat cells and allows the lymphatic system to absorb and remove the fat via natural processes. This facial sculpting also encourages and stimulates collagen growth.

The next step is applying the hot thermal hammer. Or, for those who don't want anti-ageing and fat reducing treatments, this is the first step of the treatment. Hot thermal hammering is used to open up the pores and dilate the capillaries, which increases blood flow to the face. When the pores are open, debris and grease can be removed from the skin more easily.

This step was the first one I experienced in the facial. It felt pleasant and warm – not in the least bit uncomfortable and Ruth talked me through every step of the process before she began.

Next, came the deep facial cleanse. I'd say this step felt kind of like a soft nail file being applied to the skin. The tip suction wand is applied to the face and Ruth starts with a slightly abrasive tool. It doesn't feel unpleasant and there's a sort of cool liquid that sprays onto the skin (all controlled within this nozzle) and cleanses it. So, the technical terms are that hydrogenated water is applied to the skin along with the hydro-dermabrasion head and then the AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) is also applied with this same nozzle. These cleans the skin, removing dead skin, resurfacing the skin, and cleaning out pores, oil, and sebum.

The suction reduces the time the product is spent on the skin, so unlike other chemical peels, there's no downtime to this facial. The AHA is shot onto the skin with enough time to work its magic and then is sucked off the face. Any remaining dirt and dead skin are removed. The pores are opened for blackhead removal and priming the skin for stage two of the facial.

The hydro dermabrasion head is used for a second acid, BHA (salicylic acid). Many people have heard of this acid as it's often used in acne treatments. Any oil and sebum trapped in the pores and the residual oils are removed. The tip on this nozzle was soft and rubbery. The suction is light and the tips on the face don't feel uncomfortable at all.

A lovely nutrient infusion liquid mist spray is applied to the face using an atomiser. The skin is fed vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, essential for your skin's wellbeing. It also moisturises and protects the skin. Ruth applied this mist twice to my face, checking my face for absorption.

Finally, Ruth finished with a really pleasant cold thermal hammering. This step feels like putting a non-wet ice cube on your face. It closes the pores, restricting blood flow, tightening the skin, and erasing dark circles. It cools and soothes the skin for a relaxing finale!

My results

Overall, this facial was pleasant and relaxing. Ruth talked me through the different options and the different steps in the process. She explained what each of the tips would feel like and put me at ease. My skin was glowing afterwards and my skin has been less prone to breakouts ever since. This treatment is best used as a series and not just a one-off but you could also have it as a one-off treat if you like.

I'll definitely be back (when things are re-opened again post-lockdown, of course).

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