• Laura Chester

Client Experience: Cryolipolysis

'Cryolipolysis' is a pretty daunting word, right?! I have to admit, when it appeared as a new state-of-the-art treatment being offered at NU-U, that was the first time I'd heard of it. The outcomes of cyrolipolysis (also sometimes called CoolSculpting) treatments sounded amazing, a targeted fat reduction from those niggly places where, no matter what you do, it never seems to really shift! Not only that, but the procedure is also painless and non-invasive meaning there’s no down time. At this point, I want to emphasize that my treatment was not ‘gifted.’ I paid for my treatment and this is not a sponsored review. I am not a frequent visitor to beauty or aesthetics clinics and so this was totally new territory for me, but I was intrigued and so approached Ruth at NU-U with my questions (of which there were many!) She explained the procedure fully in detail – what to expect on the day, the science behind how it works, any possible side effects and how to get the best results from the treatments (by using cyrolipolysis as a holistic complement to weight management alongside diet and exercise). I also did what we are all guilty of and turned to the internet for info. That was probably the worst thing I could have done. Since, as with many kinds of treatments, they can be done safely and effectively by knowledgeable and qualified practitioners (like Ruth!), or poorly with varied results from less reputable ‘businesses’. So, while there are some negative experiences and reviews out there, I will say right now, that none of these are reflective of my own experience, on the day, of having cyrolipolysis treatment. So, to the day itself. Yep, I felt a bit nervous, but Ruth put me at ease immediately going over the details, completing paperwork and making the treatment calculations. The treatment was on my tummy – as this has always been an area that I have struggled to move fat, and in my opinion, has a disproportionate percentage of fat distribution compared to the rest of me. The procedure was split into two parts and involves first shattering the fat cells before carefully freezing the area. At each stage, Ruth explained what she was doing and what sensations I might feel. I felt totally at ease. At all times my tummy was covered with gel, and although warming, the shattering was not uncomfortable – in fact, for any mums reading this, it was not dissimilar to an ultrasound scan. Following this my tummy was covered by a cooling protective sheet and a section of my tummy was sucked into the cyrolipolysis applicator. It’s a weird sensation for sure, but not in any way painful. Within a couple of seconds, I felt totally adjusted and was able to chat away, check my phone.

Ruth checked the application site and machine at regular intervals throughout. While cool, I never felt the freezing part – and I think that is what surprised me the most – in a good way! Afterwards, I just had a pink patch on my tummy which quickly faded the same day. I went out to see some friends that evening and pretty much forgot about it! Cyrolipolysis works over time, and although I saw some fat reduction straight away, the area I had treated has gone down even more in the couple of months since I visited the clinic. My experience was really positive, and I would definitely consider having more treatments in areas that would benefit (and are suitable) for the treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NU-U to anyone interested in finding out more about Cyrolipolysis and whether they could benefit from it too! 

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