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HOT GOSSIP...What's It All About?

This blog is dedicated to any wannabe newbies...

I have had a lot of enquiries asking for information on what Hot Gossip is about, how it works, and what do you have to do to attend,

Hot Gossip is a gathering of likeminded women in business, with an existing business, or with an idea for a business, however if you are a woman in a business, with resources available to help other women then it is open to you also. It is a really gorgeous group which month on month is gathering momentum and growing in size. The group ranges from ideas, small start ups, small to medium size businesses as well as large long standing businesses all of whom are in a position to want to help and support one another. Some ladies are attend simply to connect and be inspired.

We believe in being non judgemental, supportive, and caring. There is no pressure to do anything. Just turn up, connect and feel inspired.

The format id focused on being laidback and fun!!. The formalities of a traditional networking group have been set aside to allow ladies who don't feel comfortable standing up and talking to the group to feel at ease. Many of the ladies have expressed a strong desire to give small talks relevant to the needs of the group and I am really excited to be adding this to the events moving forward.


Our guest speakers are:

Rebecca Lindley - Disrupted Focus - Rebecca will be talking to us about managing stress and menopause at work, and how to keep your life and business on track.

Becky Boyd - RiotUs - Becky is going to give us all the heads up on how to stay current on line, effective marketing and managing your socials accounts.

Natalie Barrass - Site Pizzeria - Natalie will be giving a 10 minute talk about the ups and downs and her journey as a leader in local business. She will be talking about how it all began and where she is at now as an independent business woman with an impressive portfolio.

So for any doubters out there on whether this event works, here are some of the success stories so far!!

  • Elaine Herbert - Freelance writer, editor and aspiring author - Elaine is an incredibly talented writer and editor and was initially writing blogs in her spare time for NU-U Laser and Aesthetics. Elaine was also instrumental in the success of the NU-U website and helping restructure and rebuild the site. The site now has incredible traffic without the need for paid advertising. So good where Elaine's blogs that she was contacted by US companies to write for them. Elaine is now writing freelance for many companies which include TRIA BEAUTY UK.

  • Alexandra Blundell - Artist - Through her small collection of amazing artwork that she created especially for the first HG event, Alex is now designing album covers for a band in NYC. They came across her work on Twitter and she hasn't looked back. Alex's work can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Jayne Shackleton - Vegan Essence - Jayne launched her range of vegan, soy wax candles. Handmade in a range of exclusive fragrancies mirroring the very best high end fragrancies on the high street. Jayne made her first large wholesale order shortly after.

  • Cathy Shaw - Banyan Tree - Cathy is a remarkable woman with a very well established business. Cathy hooked up with our girl Toria Garbutt (Published poet, supporting act for Dr John Cooper Clarke) at one of the events. Cathy was inspired to run a charity night for Sheffield Children's Hospital which was a sell out. Toria has since approached Cathy to produce and put on her next independent venture which will be a play.

  • Sarah Dearden - Artist and community art therapist. Sarah was invited to exhibit her artwork at the last HG event. So impressed with her work and her moving back story, Sarah was asked to put on an exhibition at the renowned Fox and Goose Inn by committee member Hannah Nadim (The fox and goose is the first co-operative pub with an incredible and impressive reputation) Sarah was also approached by our fabulous Caroline Gilleat who owns the stunning Hope Gallery in Hebden Bridge to work on a collaboration.

  • Ekaterina Dobbelaere - Suzy's - Kate is the head of super successful Suzy's pet accessories. Established in 1954 by her mother-in-law, Kate works hard on gorgeous pet collections and matching accessories for the owners. The fabrics and quality of work are super high class and second to non. Kate is wanting to create a small clothing line and a few of us Hot Gossip Girls are working with her, using our connections and ideas to make this a reality.

So... there you have a few examples. There are many of the Hot Gossip Girls communicating with one another on all sorts of things.

So if you would like to become a Hot Gossip Girl, just turn up. Turn ups and enjoy what's on offer. Connect, share and be inspired for together we are stronger. Bring your business cards and flyers if you have some. These go into the gift bags so we can all take one home at the end of the event to remind us of who attended. Use the information to your advantage.

Finally, we now have a Facebook page - HGhebden. This is for the group only. Pop your ideas on there, promote yourselves, get active. Wanted and offering is what this is about. If the event's are so successful, imagine what you can gain from the page. USE IT and PROMOTE IT.

The gorgeous April Walker (project management and leadership) has agreed to come on board to help take the events to the next level. Over the coming weeks April and I will be working on a dedicated email and website for you all. I can't thank her enough for support and I am super excited to see her own small start up as a virtual PA become a reality.

That's all for now.

For more info text me on 07813398647 - or drop me an email at ruthwild01@gmail.com

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