• Ruth Dewar

LOVE the Skin You're In

With summer in the air, and a lockdown that's taught us about self-love, let's espouse 2021's new mantras around self-care, self-love, and self-worth. Let's embrace a positive outlook and learn to love the skin you're in!


This year is all about taking time to care for yourself – whether that's taking a bubble bath, going for a walk in the countryside, doing that 10-minute HIIT workout, eating healthier foods, curling up with a book, or evening bingeing that Netflix show. Self-care is defined however you define it.

Some define self-care as pampering – a massage, a facial, a haircut or hair styling, going to the nail salon, or treating themselves to something like laser hair removal, teeth whitening, fat freezing or a cheeky little "tweakment" (aka subtle anti wrinkle injections and fillers)

However you define self-care, make sure that you do something every day, week, or month (whatever you have time for and/or make time for) that nourishes your body and soul. Self-care is one of the most important things you can do because that means you'll have more energy and time for others if you take care of yourself first. When you do things for yourself – embrace your innermost selfish and childish side – you feel better and restored but, like anything, there needs to be balance.


Self-love is having regard for your happiness and wellbeing as well as embracing who you are (or working on being the best version of yourself) that comes from physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.#youdoyou

Embracing self-love can be as simple as taking a stretch break, being less self-judgmental, going easy on yourself, doing something creative, taking care of your body, indulging in your favourite foods, or eating healthy, nutritious foods. Self-love is important especially over this last year when many people have had their plans thwarted or just had a difficult time making it through the day with low motivation.

One important thing to remember is that we are all different, we look different, we have different abilities, we have different priorities, and that's okay! You can learn to love your body, your skin, the person you are or you can work to improve but, at every stage, you should appreciate where you are on your journey. Celebrate all your wins, no matter how great or small.


People gravitate to people who are warm, confident, and joyful. Have you ever met someone who infected you with their joy? Who seemed confident but not cocky? Who helped you see the good in yourself? Who made you feel special? Self-worth shouldn't come from external sources, but we all know people who radiate sunshine.

A good way to embrace your own self-worth is to provide value to others and feel valuable in return. That value doesn't have to be costly or inconvenient. It can just be something simple like giving someone some of your time by giving them a call and brightening their day or something more like giving someone a gift or doing something for them that is helpful. You may help your elderly neighbour take their bins out or help your partner with the dishes. Acts big and small can provide value and increase your sense of self-worth.

One big way to embrace self-worth is to keep promises and only promise what you can keep. When you're a person that lives up to your promises, others trust you. An easy way to start is by setting the bar low, though, you cannot expect change to be big and drastic – so with workouts, you can just say to yourself you'll put on your shoes! Anything more than that is keeping your promise to yourself.

The takeaways

If your self-love journey means you want to embrace some self-care with some beauty treatments, take a look at our treatments pages, and get in touch. We hope this year is a better one for us all and we see new light and new hope in our futures.

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