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NU-U Laser and Aesthetics' Tips to Look Fabulous for Going Out at Christmas and New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve 2020 was a complete washout. With high-level restrictions in place, no one could go out to celebrate or even have friends at their home. This year things are looking a little more promising. Whether you have a full-blown New Year's Eve extravaganza planned to usher in 2022, or you are just staying at home with loved ones, it is the last chance of the year to dress up and feel festive. Here are NU-U's tips on the current trends to ensure that you look fabulous no matter what you are doing.


For nearly two years, activewear has no longer been just for donning at the gym. These days people wear it to do anything from shopping to seeing their friends. This New Year, pyjamas are becoming the new loungewear.

Made in luxurious fabrics like satin and velvet and trimmed with feathers, it is now seen as acceptable to wear them to a party or for lounging around on the sofa looking glamorous. So whatever you are doing, wear those pyjamas with pride!

If pyjamas as partywear don't float your boat, don't fret because there are plenty of other trends this season! Satin, velvet and feathers aren't just reserved for pyjamas. The timeless Little Black Dress or the bold Little Red Dress can be worn in these materials. You will look stunning and in fashion.

Sequins, glitter, jumpsuits and off the shoulder or strapless numbers can be seen on celebrities and influencers everywhere you turn. Pick one of these trends or mix them, and you will stand out whether you're at a party, in the pub or on the couch.


Of course, an outfit isn't complete if you have bare nails! Like clothing, glitter is a big thing for this New Year. You can go for a full glitter nail in dazzling gold, or if you're feeling less bold or want a more subtle look, glitter tips are all the rage too. Black is also the colour for nails at the moment. It can be worn on its own or in funky geometric designs with a heavy Art Deco influence. You could always combine the black, gold and Art Deco styles for a truly stunning nail design.

Hair Styles

Hair this new year is all about curls or waves. You can go for full big bouncy 80s style curls or more restrained beachy waves. Either way, embellishment is the key. A scattering of faux pearls or diamantes held in place with a dab of hair glue will elevate your 'do to a whole new party level.

The other big trend this coming year is the sleek ponytail, worn Ariana Grande style, high on the top of your head, or sleek and low at the nape of the neck. Decoration of these styles is a must too! Stick a line of crystals along your hair part and you will be the star of the event.


And finally, to tie everything together: makeup. This year, eyes are the focus of makeup trends. Like clothes, hair and nails, bedazzlement is the word. Gold, glitter, sparkle and shimmer are the makeup products to wear. A statement eyeliner in jewel tones, gold, glitter or gems will make your eyes stand out. You could try this with the 'reverse cat eyeliner', which is all the rage if you watch Tik Tok or YouTube shorts.

Laminated brows are still going strong too. Make those brow hairs stand to attention! For an equally stunning but more subdued look, monochrome makeup is here. Wear the same shade on your eyes, lips and cheeks. We suggest a pretty coral or a light pink rose.

Without a good base, makeup will never look its best no matter how skilled you are at applying it or how expensive your products are. Prepare your skin for your stunning creations by treating yourself to one of our facials.

At NU-U, we offer a Laser Carbon Facial and an Omni Hydra Facial. The Laser Carbon Facial treats minor skin imperfections with a gentle resurfacing, leaving your face smooth and glowing. The Omni Hydra Facial targets fine lines and wrinkles using hydro dermabrasion and a mild chemical peel. It has no discomfort or downtime and leaves skin moisturised and soothed. Why not book a treatment with us today by calling or texting 07813398647?

These are NU-U's tips on the trends of the New Year. Have you noticed any trends that we've missed? Will you be wearing any of our clothes, hair, nail or makeup suggestions this New Year? Let us know in the comments below!

Everyone here at NU-U Laser and Aesthetics wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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