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NU-U Laser and Aesthetics: What's New For '22?

Well as you know, you can now find us at 12 Albert Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8AH.

We are so very proud of our new location. And we have lots of new and exciting treatments in store as well as new members of the team!

We welcome Eve Lees to the team

We are super happy to have the incredibly talented Eve Lees with us, who specialises in many advanced non-surgical treatments. Eve's qualifications, credentials, and attention to detail make her the perfect choice for advanced facial treatments. We are booking up like crazy.

TOSKANI advanced chemical peels

3-minute mid dermis skin rejuvenating peel with collagen facial.

Vampire (PRP) facials

Using the body's own plasma rich platelets, this advanced facial is the perfect choice for collagen and fibroblast stimulation, massively reducing pore size and improving the skin's elasticity.

5 point facelift (non-invasive)

Our non-invasive five point facelift uses advanced skin boosting injections, hydrates, lifts, and tightens the treated area.


Multiple small injections into the treated area (face, under eyes, neck, back of hands) with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and a complex vitamin treatment, this wonderful advanced technique dramatically reduces the appearance of ageing and crepe textured skin.

PDO threads

One of God's greatest gifts to women (the other being laser hair removal) PDO threads are designed to LIFT the face dramatically without the need to go under the knife! It's revolutionary. Perfect for the fifty-plus lady (or man).

Collagen induction therapy

A micro-needling technique using one of the following revitalize products: vitamins, to feed neglected skin; pure, to combats stretch marks, acne scarring, and other skin imperfections; hair to stimulate hair growth and slim for fatty deposits on the face.

Aqualyx fat dissolving

Combining cryolipolysis and aqualyx, this amazing body sculpting treatment is a huge hit with our clients. We are also offering fat dissolving for smaller areas such as bingo wings and double chin.

Body sculpting and non-surgical Brazilian butt lift

The ultrasound cavitation treatment combined with hyaluronic acid fillers. This treatment combats cellulite and lifts and tightens the buttocks. What's not to love?

Advanced fillers

Canulated fillers for the cheeks and advanced lip fillers are now available.

Snag some treatments in time for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day not far away, our selection of advanced treatments are the perfect practical gift. Keep your eyes peeled for our early bird offers.

Get in touch

To contact us for more information, please text the clinic on 07813398647.

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