• Ruth Dewar

Pinch an Inch: Your Guide to Reversing Those Lockdown Pounds

Hands up if you haven't put on weight in the last 12 months? Hands up again if you have put on weight and are struggling to lose it? At least 85% of all my friends I have spoken with have confessed to putting on weight. The average weight gain seems to be around a stone/6.35kg/14lbs!! And whilst the majority have upped their exercise this current lock-down, we are all struggling with a particular area of stubborn fat that just doesn't want to go. The areas of most concern are the stomach, love handles, and inner thighs.

There has been a surge in beauticians offering fat dissolving injections however the content of the injections varies massively and the safety of this type of treatment has been a talking point within professional aesthetics circles. There are many weight loss treatments on the market and it's an area that I researched in-depth when I initially considered adding cryolipolysis aka "fat freezing" to our services.

I eventually decided to go with a British manufacturer as the majority of laser/beauty equipment is made cheaply in China and offers no guarantees or training with the product. Investing financially with the right equipment ensures that we offer safe and effective treatments backed up with in-depth knowledge, sound training and great results!. Not only can we fat freeze, but we also offer ultrasound cavitation to smooth out cellulite and dimples. This can be taken as a treatment on its own...or complimentary alongside your cryolipolysis booking!

So what is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a measured and gradual fat and inch loss treatment that freezes the living fat cells below -4 degrees until they die and no longer serve a function. Once the body recognises the fat cells are dead, it naturally removes them through the body's lymphatic system. This is a process that can take up to 12 weeks but results can be seen as fast as 4 weeks.

The key to a successful treatment relies on the individual. Cryolpolysis is not a quick fix for obesity. The better the diet...the more exercise or how active you are and how much alcohol you consume all play a factor in the results...So, if you're anything like me and can't wait to get back to the gym, then this fat-busting treatment alongside your post-lock-down fitness regime is a must! RESULTS GUARANTEED!

COST: Bounce back offer for the same or any area

1 session, £250

2 sessions (most required), £350

3 sessions, £400

To book your non-obligatory consultation, text the clinic on 07813398647. #bellybegone

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