• Ruth Dewar

Reaching Out in 2021

Wow...it recently just dawned on me just how long my business, like all others, has been closed.

I don't know about you but time has been almost non-existent for me. With hour after hour and day after day silently merging into one lonnnnnng void, accumulating months at a time without me even realising! Until now that is.

An alert popped up on my phone on Friday, reminding me that I am going back to work this week. Attached to the reminder was a list of reminders of all the things I had to do to get back in the saddle. Hmmmm... I then realised that there had been no public or official announcements about a return to work. I desperately wanted to cry. As reality once again hit me, like the mother of all groundhog days, the only thing on the agenda again this week was more homeschooling, another dose of parental anxiety and a thorough check in the fridge to ensure there was enough vodka and tonic to get me through 'til Friday.

I have been avoiding tuning into the little voice in my head that keeps telling me I need to get proactive and organised for when the time comes to reopen, but the desire to continue to redecorate, rearrange the living room and do some seasonal planting in the garden seems to take over...so that's what I have done. Only I have run out of things to do now and am finally face to face with the only thing left on the list...SORT OUT YOUR BUSINESS PLAN!

I have a list as long as my arm of "things that need urgently doing," which first and foremost include re-connecting with the beautiful business I worked so hard to build and investing some much-needed love and attention in order to make it work when I reopen. So, here I am! It's a Tuesday evening. I am childfree and have a vodka tonic to hand and the fire is roaring. That impending sense of doom has left the room and this is the first tiny step into getting my S%*T together.

My first task is to publish a much-needed blog and update and to reconnect with all my existing clients, check-in, say hi and assess the general mood. Many of you/them will have commenced courses of treatments only for them to be rudely and persistently interrupted by a bloody pandemic! Next question on most peoples minds? So, what am I going to do about it? The argument is two-fold...business survival vs client satisfaction.


Whilst I have to be able to sustain the business after being closed 8.5/12 months, I will be offering 2 free treatments per client for those who have committed to a course of laser hair removal, depending on where the client was regarding the number of treatments completed. Each client will be assessed individually and consulted prior to any further treatments taking place.


Interruptions in a course of tattoo removal are not detrimental like they would be for laser hair removal. Periods between tattoo removal only allow the body extra time to break down the ink and for the skin to heal for longer. Please look out for the "bounce-back offers" on the website and social media!


Again the treatment results for clients who have had "fat freezing" sessions have certainly been affected due to varying factors that the results are reliant on. In order for cryolipolysis to be effective, a commitment to the treatment plan is essential. Unfortunately, lockdown/stay home rules have dramatically affected our daily activity, diet, alcohol consumption and exercise, which for a few of you, will have affected the expected results. If you feel that your treatment has been ineffective, please drop me an email and I will prioritise a consultation with you upon returning to work.


I personally CANNOT WAIT for our Advanced Medical Aesthetics Nurse to return and gorge myself on some necessary TWEAKMENTS! As you know these clinics book up weeks in advance so stay alert for our announcements. First come first served peeps.


This new and exciting clinic was due to be launched the week we locked down. The beautiful and uber professional Kelsea Holden will be holding the first of her teeth whitening clinics ASAP. Please note there is a waiting list already.


Over the next week or two, I will be publishing some offers and post lockdown packages. I personally feel that once I can emerge into life and society again, I intend to do it at my most fabulous!

Yay! I made the first step! Feels good :-) and I have a rumble of excitement in my tummy again.

To contact the clinic you can text on 07813398647 or email nuulaserandaesthetics@gmail.com.


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