• Ruth Dewar

NU-U Partners with RiotUs, a Leeds-based Marketing Agency

NU-U is now working with RiotUs.

We’re happy to be working with a local marketing agency, RiotUs, to spread the word about NU-U to as many people as possible!

We’re excited to announce that NU-U Laser and Aesthetics is now working with RiotUs, a small marketing agency based in Leeds. We’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about NU-U, and we’re looking forward to working together to take the business to the next level!

RiotUs has been going since 2013, working with small and large businesses to improve their online marketing. It’s currently made up of social media expert, Becky, writer and strategist, Zoë, and their office manager, Joe. Zoë is a NU-U customer and is really happy to be working with us.

She said: “NU-U is a fantastic business and Ruth has an amazing, infectious energy that is so welcoming to new customers. It will be really fun to take that energy and use it to market the company to a whole new audience."

“I think NU-U really has something special that sets it apart from other, similar businesses and it will be a pleasure to help the company succeed with what will hopefully be some effective marketing!”

The Riot Us team have worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the UK such as Google, HSBC,

Kings Elite Snacks, and Santander as both a trainer and a consultant. We have worked with KSF Global, a

cross-continent retail design agency, targeting high-end fashion brands and office spaces.

On social media, we have supported Elmwood Brand Consultancy (now known as Born Ugly), tripled their

social visibility, and audience. More recently, our head of social, Becky, developed, delivered, and

implemented a social strategy for Studio.co.uk, building their brand and sales to successfully challenge

other market leaders such as Very.co.uk and Asda.

With our content offering, Zoë has been producing highly valuable content for brands all over the world.

She has written about inclusivity and diversity for top global agencies such as Allen Recruitment

Consulting and Upskill Digital.

RiotUs’ mission statement is to make the internet a better place with positive marketing and easy-to-understand advice. They want to get rid of marketing jargon and complicated language and instead make things like social media and blog writing accessible to everyone. We think this will be a great partnership, and we’re really excited to see what RiotUs can do going forward.

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