• Ruth Dewar

Specialists in Our Field: Here Are Our Credentials!

When it comes to laser and aesthetics, we are the area's leading laser hair removal clinic, and over the years we have moved into other advanced cosmetic treatments which has built us a stellar reputation for miles around. So much so we now have a strong celebrity client base!

Established back in 2017, NU-U Laser and Aesthetics started from humble beginnings in Todmorden offering laser tattoo removal. Within six months, I had advanced my qualifications and progressed to laser hair removal. I decided that this was to be our area of expertise and what we specialise in. As a result, the clinic has gone from strength to strength and our IPL intelibright system is the most advanced on the market. Unlike most IPL lasers, we can treat the whole body in under an hour as opposed to a 4 hour appointment with some of the countries leading cosmetic clinics.

I decided to invest in the very best technology there is to give my clients the best experience possible when it comes to laser hair removal. This super advanced laser gives maximum power output for minimal treatment time, meaning appointments can be easily slotted into a weekly schedule.

The technology doesn't stop there. Traditional laser hair removal is costly, time consuming and painful. Our IPL is completely pain free. This is because we use a broad light wave to treat a greater area, and the laser itself is super cooled to avoid any pain, thus providing extra protection to the skin.

AND... if that's not impressive enough, we can treat from Fitzpatrick skin types 1-5 (1 being the pales 5 being suitable for the darkest skin tones!!!!)

There are so many clinics offering cheap laser hair removal, and this is usually down to having a cheap laser from China. These readily available lasers come with no direct training or support and solely rely on the practitioner having the right qualifications and experience. Unfortunately we ave a lot of clients coming to us having to pay for a second course of laser hair removal as the treatments were obviously ineffective.

Having spent the last 5 years perfecting laser hair removal, I decided it was time to branch into Cryolipolysis aka: fat freezing and body contouring. Again we have progressed hugely with this treatment and our SKINNY GIRL SUMMER PACKAGE cleverly combines ultrasound cavitation for fat shattering and cellulite dispersion, cryogenic fat freezing to kill the fat cells and finally Aqualyx fat dissolving injections TO SPEED UP THE FAT REMOVAL PROCESS... this is a win win ... and the results are amazing... After laser hair removal, this is our second most popular treatment and we have a patent pending for the above combination and treatment name to keep this uniquely available here fat NU-U.... You can loose up to 4 inches from any given area.

Where our injectable treatments are concerned, again we have made great advances in what we are able to offer you lovely peeps... Our advanced medical aesthetics nurse offers advanced botox and fillers and has been practicing for 18 years, and our advanced facial aesthetician is now on board for the most up to date anti ageing treatments on the market, ranging from non surgical facelifts using PDO threads and nano threads, to five point facelift for ultimate freshness and skin tightening, as well as collagen induction therapy for super fresh skin with a brilliance you only get in your teens and twenties... it literally turns back the hands of time on older, dull, ageing skin and is my absolute personal favourite!!! (I also have the five point face lift twice a year for maximum results!!! (see our Facebook videos and you will see why I am such a fan!)

We are all fully qualified with years of experience in our own specialist fields... I am level 5 qualified (degree level) and this year I am undertaking a level 7 in aesthetics which will be the mandatory set level of qualification for both medics and non medics moving forward. The government announced the week before last that, all staff of any aesthetics clinic must be level 7 qualified (equivalent of a masers degree) in order to practice.... which is great news for the industry.

So hopefully you are assured that you are in the very best hands when you book with us her at NU-U LASER AND AESTHETICS.

If you have any questions for the team or want any more info on our treatments please text the clinic on 0781339864

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