• Ruth Dewar

Winter Skincare Tips For The 50+ Woman

Winter can play havoc with our skin, especially after menopause, where a huge reduction in elasticity and suppleness and moisture naturally occurs. Here are our winter skincare tips for women over 50.

Why go natural?

The best way to combat winter skin and to avoid dryness, irritations and dullness, is always to go natural.

Firstly, you should consider swapping your moisturiser for a natural facial oil. The Society of Dermatology 100% agree that natural products work much better.

One key ingredient you should look for is jasmine oil which is beneficial for soothing dry or irritated skin.

Vitamins A, B, and E are radically depleted in the winter – boost these with a good vitamin-based facial oil and a complex vitamin supplement.

Products containing phytosqualane (originally found in sharks' livers!) can now be derived from the press residue of olive oil. This astonishing ingredient is high in oleic acid and is ideal for mature or dry skin.

What oils are good for my skin?

Geranium bonbon and lavender essential oils are soothing and revive the skin as well as providing a glow to dull skin. Always invest in a good organic oil and be sure to mix it with an organic macadamia oil or an organic camellia tea seed oil. However, essential oils should never be used neat on the skin.

For complex skin conditions, I recommend witch hazel in its most natural form. This is especially good for easing rosacea and can help with eczema.

Can facials help restore balance to the skin?

There is also the option of choosing a technology-based, anti-ageing facial such as the hydra facial with radiofrequency technology for skin tightening or the laser carbon facial (aka the Hollywood peel) which is renowned for excellent collagen and elastin stimulation and production.

Take a look at our skin treatments page for more information.

Final thoughts

I also feel strongly that good skin starts from the inside out.

Herbal teas that include biotin are good as this contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and hair as well as selenium which is proven to protect the cells from oxidative stress!

In summary, find a good organic facial oil, use natural witch hazel, and enjoy a facial from time to time if your skin is over 50. See you in the clinic!

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