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Women in Business 2022

New year...there's always such emphasis on the new year...hopes, wishes, dreams, aspirations and promises...but are we putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves or is it genuinely a good reason to refocus, be bold and brave, and to get out there and make it happen?

I personally have struggled with the latter these past two years. With the constant "in and out of lockdown" and all the uncertainty the pandemic brings us every day, my ability to keep pushing forward has dwindled massively. Every time I get going again, it would appear there is another setback, ranging from client illness and cancellations to my own unfortunate spell of illness and being unable to work...

Why I launched Hot Gossip?

I talked extensively with other women in business who it appeared were also experiencing and feeling the same. I decided that I wanted to challenge this narrative, and back in November, I launched the Hot Gossip, women in business networking event in a bid to bring us all together.

I wanted to reunite us all and reconnect with the other amazingly strong businesswomen in the area with the aim of empowering us all and making much-needed connections in order to keep pushing our dreams forward. IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS...

It gave us all a much-needed boost, and IT WAS FUN. We remembered how to laugh at ourselves, cry over our struggles, communicate face to face, be inquisitive, share our thoughts and ideas and grow a little bit, knowing that we are not alone.

When's the next event?

We decided that we should meet every 6 weeks and keep the doors open for other women looking to connect in the same way...in a safe space. I personally can't wait for the next one on the 27th of January at The Town Hall Hebden Bridge.

(Please SPREAD THE WORD, and hit me up for further details 07813398647.)

New direction: the business associates programme

It forced me to reassess my own business needs and with the help of my crack team of experts we came up with an exciting new plan for NU-U in the NU Year.

We decided that a business associates programme would give other people in my industry the opportunity to grow under and alongside our brand. We worked out a nominal flat rate for anyone in the beauty and aesthetics world looking to grow their client base and work on their skill set. We envisaged that the opportunity would be suited to part-time beauticians/SPMUAs/aestheticians/teeth whitening specialists, etc needing support, guidance, and direction.

The associate's program will support the individual with a designated page on the website, a designated tailor-made blog, which goes out to our client-base and subscribers, posts on our social media, direct access to our existing clients (where permission is granted) and designated presentation space at our networking event HOT GOSSIP! The NU-U team are supercharged and excited and we can't wait for the enquiries to come through!

SO, if you're a woman with a business...

  • If you're a woman with a business feeling daunted by the start of a new year ahead?

  • If you're a woman with a business feeling daunted by the start of a new year ahead looking to connect with like-minded women in your area or searching for a new opportunity in the beauty and aesthetics sector?


For more information, advice or support please call the clinic on 07813398647 or EMAIL nuulaserandaesthetics@gmail.com.

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