Transgender Treatments

Here at Black Stone Laser Clinic, we are proud of our commitment to helping make transitioning easier, simpler and most of all affordable. At the heart of all our treatments, we especially want to make our transgender, intersexed and non-binary, gender fluid patients feel special, comfortable and in safe hands.

We wholly understand the financial implications that come with transitioning and as such we are making it our mission to provide safe, effective and affordable treatments for all m2f and f2m clients.

Our area of speciality is of course IPL laser hair removal, which can be started prior to surgery. We offer all standard treatments as well as hair removal for vaginoplasty and phalloplasty.

Confidence is two-fold, when we look good we feel good. Having smooth, hair-free skin on the face and body and not having to shave on a daily basis is a great place to start. Being able to apply natural-looking makeup and wear the clothes we want to can be achieved by simply having pain free IPL laser hair removal treatments.

Our laser is 4 times more powerful than other standard IPL lasers and it is so efficient we can treat a whole body in under an hour, saving you precious time and money. It also makes the treatments much more effective with dramatic results.

We of course at all times consider your privacy and as such we offer special before and after-hours appointment.

On the day of your treatment, we only require the hair to be just visible on the surface of the skin (1-2mm) so there is no need to worry about hair growth. We can also remove your makeup at the clinic prior to treatment and you are welcome to reapply it before leaving.

We acknowledge that hair management can be an ongoing process for some of our client's and as such our prices have been lowered to help make our treatments totally affordable to all!


(FIXED SPECIAL RATES – price per single treatment)

Lip & Chin £20

Jawline and neck £20

Combine the above £35

Underarms £20

Fingers and toes £20

Bikini groin £20

Vaginoplasty £70

Phalloplasty £70

Arms £30

Legs (half) £50

Legs (full) £70

Chest or back £50

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