About NU-U Laser and Aesthetics Clinic

Located in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Here at  NU-U Laser and Aesthetics Clinic, we are committed to providing the very best in cosmetic skin enhancement treatments, non-surgical body contouring, laser treatments, and permanent hair removal for all genders, nationalities and skin types.

We pride ourselves on being honest with our advice, realistic in managing your expectations, practising safely at all times and ensuring our treatments are affordable for the many, not just for the few. Each client is given a full and comprehensive consultation that takes into account your complete medical history to ensure the treatments are provided safely and with the maximum results possible. 

Located in the beautiful village of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, our clinic is able to treat all types of hair removal problems. Our InteliBrite FLO ONE IPL machine is cutting edge and is so fast and powerful we can treat a whole body in just under 1 hour, saving you precious time with lunch-hour treatments from just 15 minutes.

Our IPL hair removal system ensures no more waxing, epilating, plucking, or shaving. No pain. Just huge gain! Unlike most laser hair removal clinics, our solution is permanent and 100% pain-free.

For our transgender clients, we have a range of treatments, packages and services tailored to each individual's needs. These include IPL laser hair removal for vaginoplasty and phalloplasty. 

Our recent acquisition of the ultimate cryolipolysis machine has been greatly received by all our clients. The  ISOLIPO Cryolipolysis machine is the latest in permanent fat and inch loss. The results absolutely speak for themselves making this one of our most popular treatments.

We also offer laser tattoo removal using the latest Q switch ND Yag laser. This laser is the most effective laser to remove unwanted and stubborn tattoos. The number of sessions will vary from client to client depending on the age of the tattoo, the type of ink that was used, and how well the tattoo was executed.


Our Nd Yag laser is also efficient in the execution of laser carbon facials, which are now the UK's most popular laser facial treatment. The carbon facials work by removing a thin layer of natural carbon paste from the surface of the skin as well as deep within the pores. By gently shattering the carbon from the skin, blackheads are eliminated, the skin becomes tighter, pore size is dramatically reduced, and collagen is stimulated giving a more youthful look to the face even after just one session.

We invite you to explore all of our treatments on the 'treatment' pages of our website.

No matter what your problem may be, we have the very best British-made lasers and the UK's leading industry professionals, providing you with maximum results for those unwanted predicaments. We are wholly dedicated to each and every client that passes through our clinics. Your self-esteem is at the forefront of every treatment you receive and we go above and beyond to ensure you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

Our aesthetics specialists are on hand for any extra enhancements whether it be anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers, or semi-permanent makeup. With over 20 years of experience in the business, you can be assured of the right treatment for your problem, executed professionally and safely and with maximum results.

Our 100% 5-star ratings and client testimonials speak for themselves and we are proud of the outstanding results achieved for each of our clients. Have a look at our testimonial page for reassurance and keep an eye out for our celebrity clients comments!

Our standards are recognised by the British Medical Laser Association and, as such, we were awarded membership in August 2019. 

For further information, please call or text the clinic directly on 07813398647.

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