NU-U's Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Here at NU-U Laser and Aesthetics we pride ourselves on being an inclusive small business. 


We have worked hard over the years to ensure that the treatments we offer are available and affordable for every client that walks through our door.


We have disabled access for wheelchair users and for elderly or less mobile clients so you can enjoy the treatments with ease and without worry. Our clinic is incredibly versatile and our ground floor area is often used to accommodate the less mobile and elderly. Our toilet facilities are also on the ground floor. If you do have a disability, we would always recommend bringing someone with you who understands your needs and can work with us to ensure that your experience here is a positive one.


We are incredibly proud that our client base is so diverse. All our treatments are suitable for all races, genders, skin types, disabilities, and nationalities (unless you have medical condition that restricts you from having the treatment or where treatment would be harmful in any way).


Certain treatments carry age restrictions. Some age restrictions do not apply in medical cases and some of those that are funded by the NHS. We will always ask for a letter of confirmation from your GP or consultant in this instance.


We treat several medical conditions here at NU-U and our years of experience working with SKIN, HAIR, THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, AND GENDER SPECIFIC ISSUES alongside the GENDER IDENTITY CLINIC and the NHS make us a sound and safe choice for laser hair removal, laser skin treatments, and other medically-related non-surgical treatments.


Our gender clinics are safe and discreet and we have past and present clients on hand to help you with any uncertainties on your journey with laser hair removal and non-surgical treatments. We take extra time and care to ensure that you feel super at ease and your treatment times will be longer than usual for those needing to apply or reapply makeup. 


Female clients who attend for religious reasons will always be guaranteed an appointment where there are no males booked in before, during, or after your appointment. This is based on preference and resulting from the feedback we have been given over the years.


We have many partners within the community for clients needing counselling and holistic therapies which are beneficial alongside certain treatments.


Finally, the blogs on our website are intended to inform, support and highlight the key issues we deal with on a daily basis. Whilst some of the content is subjective, it has been designed as a safe space to explore the issues we commonly face. We hope that you find them beneficial.

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