Collagen Induction Therapy

(Sometimes known as "Vampire Facials" or "Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy")


At NU-U, we now offer Collagen Induction Therapy (or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) with Eve Lees, our Collagen Induction Facial and Skin Booster Aesthetician.

The Collagen Induction Therapy Facial (PRP)

The Collagen Induction Therapy/Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)/Vampire Facial was first introduced over thirty years ago for use after orthopaedic surgery. Known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, the procedure was used to boost healing by forcing platelets into the damaged area. Platelets are important for clotting, which stimulates enzymes that help heal and play a role in tissue regeneration.

PRP is made from the patient’s own blood. It is a concentration of platelets, a kind of cell that circulates through the blood and is essential for blood clotting. Platelet-rich plasma can then be collected and processed before being injected or microneedled back into the skin.

The benefits of PRP treatment

• Rejuvenates
• Reduces pore size
• Breaks down scar tissue
• Promotes healing
• Natural remedy
• Results are long-lasting

What PRP can treat

• Skin
• Hair
• Sport injuries

How do they work?

Platelets secrete a number of bioactive chemicals, including pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators, as well as growth factors. High quantities of platelets have been found to reduce pain and encourage healing, particularly collagen development, by releasing these chemicals. The plasma treatment tricks the body into thinking it’s been injured, which stimulates the release of stem cells. These stem cells get to work creating new, fresh tissue that is full of collagen, new blood vessels, and new cells. In summary, they employ PRP treatment in the hopes of speeding up the healing process for injuries that are sluggish or not healing at all.

The benefits of PRP treatment

PRP increases the formation of collagen and elastin, thickening and tightening thinning skin and effectively reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also a wonderful treatment for enhancing general skin texture and tone since it promotes collagen. It’s very beneficial for folks who have rosacea or acne.

Platelet-rich plasma has been shown to improve the healing process dramatically. Anti-inflammatories and heavier drugs, such as opioids, may be reduced as a result. Furthermore, because PRP injections are made from your own blood, they have few adverse effects because your body will neither reject nor react badly to them.

Without the use of any foreign ingredients, PRP employs your own natural materials. The procedure involves taking a tiny sample of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge for about eight minutes to separate the plasma from the other blood particles. The platelet-rich plasma is then reinjected into the treatment region to promote collagen and elastin synthesis.


It is advised to leave the PRP on your face for at least 12 hours if possible to maximise penetration of the plasma and prevention of foreign bodies. Please avoid makeup for 24 hours. Anything that touches the face needs to be clean; a new pillowcase, clean makeup brushes, a new face mask, etc. Post 24-hours, when washing your face, do not excessively rub and pat dry with a clean towel. Patients are encouraged to use an SPF cream of at least factor 15.

The results?

Patients may have a slightly flushed, pink tone to their skin that may look like sunburn and have mild swelling. This may last 24 hours with normal skin and slightly longer with sensitive skin. PRP results can take three to four weeks to manifest, but they are long-lasting, often lasting 12 to 18 months, following a three-treatment series. Given the procedure’s brief downtime, the extended and lengthy outcomes are well worth it.

The vampire facial is perfect for anyone with early wrinkles, extensive sun damage, or anybody who wants a more youthful, even-toned complexion. The only significant danger is bruising from having your blood is drawn, as well as mild bruising on your face from injections or micro-needling.


£150 per session
Add a five-point facelift with skin-boosting injections for an extra £130.