• Ruth Dewar

Cutting-Edge IPL


The LiteFLO hair removal system at Black Stone Laser Clinic* is at the forefront of laser hair removal and skin enhancement treatments. Whilst having hair removal treatments, it allows the handset to constantly glide across the skin without stopping, delivering consistent power all the way through the treatment. Each treatment takes 80% less time, is gentler on the skin, and the residual energy provides even better results. Not only that, the treatment is completely painless.

Using 4 consistent energy sources inside the laser, as opposed to a single power source which most IPL systems have, we are able to offer not just a much quicker treatment but we can guarantee no patchiness and a smooth, precise and even coverage every time.

*Please note that we have now rebranded to NU-U Laser and Aesthetics and are located in Suite 10, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, St George's Street, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 7BY. To get in touch, call 07813398647.

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