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Which Treatments Are A Must-Have for a Bride-To-Be?

If you, like me, planned a 2020 wedding without realising you'd be scheduling your dream event in a pandemic year, you may have had a few different wedding dates thus far. I've had three different dates so far and I really hope my July 2021 wedding can go ahead (since the April 2020 and the April 2021 weddings didn't/won't happen). But, in preparation for my second wedding date, by chance, I discovered NU-U Laser and Aesthetics with the hopes of becoming hair-free in time for my wedding (that is, my second wedding date). I dreamt of ditching the razor and not having to worry about furiously removing body hair (especially from my face, gasp!) the night before my wedding day and/or on my honeymoon. (Read here where I talk about how hairy I am and how IPL has been a god-send!) The lockdown, again, had other plans and my treatments were interrupted but I cannot wait for IPL and other treatments to resume when NU-U can reopen. Here are the must-have treatments for any bride-to-be (2021 and beyond)!

IPL Laser Hair Removal

I was four treatments in when lockdown happened again. But, even after two treatments, my armpits were virtually hair-free already, the unsightly lady moustache and chin hair were easing up, my leg hair, arm hair, and unmentionable hair were all thinning out too, which was amazing for someone who has suffered from everyday hair removal just in case anyone noticed my hirsute state (ugh! the curse of the very dark-haired!).

For any bride to be who doesn't want to worry, IPL laser hair removal is a must-have. This treatment is my number one recommendation because it will last a lifetime and not just for the wedding. You can continue in life hair-free. No more waxing. No more shaving. No more plucking. Think of all that time you will save and money on razor blades and waxing and threading and whatever else you spend money on to control body hair.

The treatments are pain-free and Ruth has the amazing ability to put you at ease, which is especially important when someone is seeing you virtually in the nude. Ruth makes you feel like you aren't being judged even when she's zapping hair from your chin or other places. You can opt for a full-body treatment which takes around an hour or for smaller treatments, which can be done in as little as fifteen minutes.

Plus, Ruth's state of the art equipment means that she can tackle the body hair of all ethnicities, hair types, and skin types. You don't just have to be dark-haired and pale which is what happens with most IPL clinics.

A Course of Facial Treatments

I'm new to the world of facials but oh-my-goodness my skin never looked better than when Ruth did my omni hydra facial and my laser carbon facial (on different days, of course).

Even though the laser carbon facial comes with a little prickle-like sensation, I think I enjoyed this one the most since it cleaned out my skin and made my skin glow and it's a faster treatment than the hydra facial. I didn't have the redness afterwards but Ruth did send me home with some soothing aloe vera gel. Who knew aloe was such a good moisturiser? My skin quality improved after this facial and I can see why it's a celebrity favourite. But, thankfully, Ruth's treatments don't come with the hefty Hollywood prices.

The omini hydra facial is more like a typical spa treatment (as in really relaxing) and it was equally amazing, especially the thermal hammering and the vitamin mist. My skin actually started to recover from its 'maskne' breakouts after the treatment as it stimulates collagen production. My skin looked great the day of but continued to improve throughout the week.

So, with that said, I definitely recommend any brides opt for one course of facial treatments (a course of four treatments), either the carbon laser or the omni hydra treatments (or both!), before your wedding. I'd schedule the treatments to end about two weeks before the big day.

I definitely want my skin to look the best possible as clear skin means better, smoother makeup application, and better photos. My skin has been awful during lockdown and these facials (prior to the lockdown) really helped to start my skin's recovery so I cannot wait to resume a course of treatments.

Laser Teeth Whitening

On this day more than any other, you'll be photographed: by your wedding photographer and by guests. One of the ways to feel confident is by having a white smile. I cannot wait to book in for my laser teeth whitening session when the lockdown is lifted.

I used to have very white teeth but, since moving to the UK, and drinking a gazillion cups of tea per day, my teeth have been less than shining white in my mid-30s, so for my wedding day, I want to have a dazzling Hollywood smile. (Well, maybe just white enough and not blinding!) Kelsea can create the smile brightness you desire – whether it's high-wattage or just pearly white for your big day. (This treatment would be perfect for your partner too!)

A Course of Cryolipolysis Sessions

This treatment is an optional recommendation for upcoming brides. If you, like me, have been dieting and exercising before your big day, (for me, admittedly unsuccessfully these last few months) then when you start to reach your goal weight, you often will be left with a few problem areas – mine is my upper arm and inner thigh – that you cannot shift no matter what exercise you do or how much weight you lose.

Cryolipolysis or 'fat freezing' is a way to eliminate fat from the body naturally. Weight loss simply 'empties' your fat cells and shrinks them so they take up less space but the only way to remove fat cells from your body is a) via liposuction which is, obviously, invasive surgery or b) via cryolipolysis.

Since my wedding is in a few months, I don't have time to recover from lipo (nor do I have the money to afford it) so I plan to do some fat-freezing sessions once I've reached my goal size and weight so I can shift the fat from those stubborn areas.

Here's a post on a client experience with cryolipolysis at NU-U. With cryolipolysis, you'll need several treatments and you'll see results in a few weeks but most people lose at least 4.5 inches from their desired area. But, again, this treatment isn't just a miracle weight loss solution, it's to help shift those last bits of fat permanently.

Photo credit: https://www.maddiefarrisphotography.co.uk/

Those are my recommended (and planned) beauty treatments before my big day. And how can I afford all these treatments you may ask? Well, first of all, Ruth's pricing is fair and affordable and, second of all, she offers financing and payments for treatments, so you don't have to shell out hundreds of pounds at once. You can pay in instalments, which for me is a huge selling point.

What treatments would you like to have done so that you can look and feel your best on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments.

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