• Ruth Dewar

NU-U's Top Ten Ways to Embrace AUTUMN!

So Autumn is upon us and for some, this can mean only one thing...winter will follow. After such an arduous and lonely winter last year, we thought we would try and share a little positivity and bring you our favourite things we love about autumn.

Here's what we love about autumn

  1. A walk in the woods...nothing is more calming to the soul than being in nature, so dust off the boots and get outdoors!

  2. Fill your home with the scents and flowers of fall...warm bread, hot cocoa, and winter flowers such as dahlia, sedum, grasses, and berries.

  3. Fall-ify your wardrobe...yes, it's time to get out the cashmere...hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers, cardigans. We will be sure to be wearing all of ours at the same time! Feeling lovely and snuggly is where it's at!

  4. Take advantage of the extra hour in bed...OK!

  5. Visit your local farmer's market for rich autumn pickings. We love to support local businesses. Good food and wine are an autumn essential.

  6. For those on a budget, forage for food. Take advantage of mother nature's offerings and get picking! I personally love to forage for winter berries, wild garlic, apples, and of course, mushrooms! Hen of the woods is by far the funkiest fungi!

  7. One-pot cooking. Simple, hearty, and full of goodness. All the best ingredients (and nutrients) in one pot to help ward off a winter cold!

  8. Kick start your hibernation with a great inspirational book that will keep you feeling positive and optimistic. Post-pandemic mental health is SO SO IMPORTANT.

  9. Indulge in your autumn-inspired desire to hibernate. Rest and recuperation are essential. Try adding a touch of at-home yoga for extra zen vibes.

  10. Ok...so no more bare legs or bikinis...then why not take advantage of the opportunity to start laser hair removal. Kinder to the environment (no more disposable razors) permanent and pain-free, there is never a better time to switch from razor to laser, especially if you are planning that much needed and long-awaited escape to foreign climes next year!


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