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The Linda Evangelista Story - The facts

*(before and after picture of a client who underwent fat freezing)

So I'm sure you have all heard in the news about the ex supermodel and her battle with a very rare side effect (paradoxical adipose hyperplasia) caused by a fat reduction procedure she underwent in 2016.

Whilst the story makes for distressing reading, very little is known about the facts of the matter and little has been reported on the additional side effects of the treatments she subsequently underwent, in a bid to reverse the initial treatment.

So lets start with ... what is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia?

In short it means

Paradoxical - Rare

Adipose - Body Fat

Hyperplasia - Enlargement of tissue caused by increase in reproduction rate of it's cell proliferation.

In a nutshell, the treated area becomes larger rather than smaller, in the weeks after the procedure. It can leave a painless, visibly enlarged, firm and well demarcated mass, under the surface of the skin.

PAH has a rate of incident of 0.0051% of the 2.5 million people worldwide people who have had this non invasive "fat freezing". So rare are the cases very little has ever been reported in the media, or even made it to the courts. The increased fat cells aren't harmful, but they don't appear to go away over time. The 'VERY RARE' condition is most common in men who have undergone cryolipolysis, although it can still affect women.

How does the treatment work?

Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) works by cooling fatty deposits below freezing, which causes cell death in the fat tissue. The body recognises that the affected cells are no longer serving a purpose and begins to dispose of them through the body's lymphatic system.The process can continue for up-to 12 weeks, at which point the full effect of the treatment is then visible.

How to maximise the treatment?

Client input is key to the success of the results. Diet and exercise play key role in the outcome. This is not a "get slim quick" treatment. If your calorific input is greater than your exercise output, the results will not be as good. Marginal at best!

It is always worth doing your research when choosing a clinic that offers this treatment. Choosing the right expert to perform any invasive / non invasive cosmetic procedure is so very important. Knowledge is power.

We have had so many clients opt for this treatment with amazing results. At worst the side effects reported are bruising of the treated area (caused by the suction needed to hold treated area in the cooling chambers) and some temporary numbness, tingling and redness. Our fat freezing machine is British made and the supplier of all of our machines has been featured on many TV programs... we only buy and invest in the best! Our expertise spans a 5 year period, solely concentrating on issues concerning the bodies integumentary and endocrine systems. (Skin, hair, body fat, ageing and hormone problems)

Our fat freeze treatment is on offer in October at Just £150.00 a session (RRP £300.00!!)

Please TEXT THE CLINIC for more info on 07813398647

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